D&AD science museum project

For this project you will have to deal with trying to communicate the difficult subject of black holes. Animation, as a form of education, is made simple here through the use of building blocks. The way they show how a structure fails and collapses, in the early parts, means that the viewer gains a simple understanding before the animation develops and grows in a more fantastical way.

This second Sesame Street animation, 'changing shapes', has a constant, in the form of the shape, that is then surrounded and affected by a more imaginative narrative, keeping a good balance between information and entertainment.

Technique. Here are some ways of creating moving image pieces without being hindered by a lack of 3D computer skills. This is by RBG6, making the most of simple mechanics.

'Sally' by Roul Wouters: a simple use of a box, marbles, and a camera becomes hypnotic viewing.

'My Paper Mind' by Javen Ivey: an animation technique called stratastencil based on an early method know as strata-cut which was pioneered by Oskar Fischinger in the 1920s and later on in the 1990s used by David Daniels to create 'Buzz Box'. You can see Javen Ivery's process here.

Sometimes the limitations of what you can achieve can be used to your advantage. The animation 'Jubliee Line', a collaboration between Shelley Fox and Tim Hope contains short film clips that are looped and repeated. Rather than being perfectly made to blend into their environment, the square edges to the footage are made visible and add to the aesthetic feel of the piece.