Character and Abstraction and Typography

From English Medieval Graffiti.

Marks are limited by the implement and the ground. Pictographic: a synthesis of the figurative windmill with the idea of a windmill. Thingliness.

Oscar Schlemmer's Slatdance (via Multimedialab) synonymous with its environment or what it does, what it uses, what it represents.

Evan Holloway's Pas Des Deux (2005) (represented by The Approach gallery).

Bjork, by Jean-Paul Goude with Bernhard Willhelm (via Tira la Pirinola).

Classic Grace Jones, again by Jean-Paul Goude.

Herb Lubalin. Advanced understanding of Character, ornament, vernacular, form and counterform.

Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey
(via Palantir).

Les Xipéhuz
(1887) written by J.H. Rosny (aîné) "are silicon-based, geometric-shaped alien beings, most in cone shape, nearly all cylindrical, but some tall and thin and others short and squat, some in cone shape and some rectangular slabs. Their shapes and colors can change, but they generally remain cylindrical and bluish green. They communicate by flashing lines in various shapes across their sides. They can kill by focusing rays from the “stars” at their base. They have individual personalities and are at least somewhat comprehensible by humans, but their purpose for coming to Earth, besides an apparent drive for expansion, is unknown, as is their culture and much else about them. They are truly alien, and only slightly comprehensible".

Cuneiform signs for 'King'.

Alexander Giraud's dolls.

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