London and the Multisensory City

William Hogarth (1741). The enraged musician. Engraving. Image source: http://www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/hogarth/images/works/the_enraged_musician.jpg

Hogarth's friend Henry Fielding, said that the Enraged musician (1741) was 'enough to make a man deaf to look at it' (Uglow 2008:55).

We visited the idea of the multisensory city, which Hogarth manages to express visually, in an earlier post on this blog. For more on this, see the latest issue of TENGEN magazine where I have an article London, the multi-sensory city expanding on some of the ideas in that post. My colleague Gareth Polmeer has an accompanying piece, The cinematic map, reviewing the new film on London by William Raban, About now: MMX (2010).

About now: MMX (2010). Directed by William Raban. Film
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