Adrien Gary Lucca, colour mixing and separation

Regarding the upcoming project, on reprographic process. "Adrien Gary Lucca is currently researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands. He creates large-scale paint drawings which confront mathematics, geometry, forms and colours. For the colour studies, he has developed a personal colour mixing methodology inspired by the 19th-century research of Georges Seurat. The second series of works may seem like grey charts, or scales of brightness. Black paint lines are carefully quantified inside bi-dimensional forms (circles or squares); the contrast between the white colour of the paper and the black paint varies from a minimum to a maximum point. These studies are models for future large-format wall drawings that will interact with the lighting like custom in-situ filters." Quoted from — and via — We Find Wildness.


Anonymous said...

can you please explain me what do you call "reprographic process"?
This drawing is hand made, every line is draw, best,
Adrien Lucca

Anonymous said...

u should check that & zoom,
best & thanks to post about my work,


Peter Nencini said...

Hi Adrien. How great to hear from you! We are running a project on imagemaking which acknowledges how it will be processed; so, for example, printed offset litho, screen, etc. So, I'm misusing the word 'reprographic'. I did understand that your works were hand drawn. I do like their relationship to mechanically produced test cards, etc. Are you ever in London?