Resources from Lecture 3: Electricity

Educational films explaining the physical principles behind sound waves, their generation and manipulation:

The Nature of Sound (1948)

Sound Waves and Their Sources (1933)

An overview of concepts in electricity, covering topics such as electric charge, current and conductivity, electric and magnetic force:

Principles of electricity (1945)

An educational film showing the creation of magnetic fields through electrical current:

Electromagnets (1966)

An educational film covering phenomena such as reflection and refraction of light, focussing and the principles of cameras:

The Nature of Light (1948)

A historical overview of color and the associated physical principles of light. The film is split in six parts:

Light and Color

A public lecture by Richard Feynman explaining the wave-particle duality and its role in quantum mechanics:

Richard Feynman: Probability and Uncertainty – The Quantum Mechanical View of Nature (1964)

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